sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

An American mark in my heart

Ok, this is to they!
Ok, isto é para eles!

All this text will be writen in english!
To este texto vai ser escrito em Inglês!

And Now I will stop write the translation!
E agora eu vou para de escrever a tradução!

Maybe I can write some wrong worlds or a whole wrong sentence, but I'm gonna tried to do my best!

Maybe They are not going to remeber me during much time, but I'm never gonna forget them, They came here and now they are leaving my school, ok, I still can see them in the Veiga in the lunch time, and I still can go to CEFET to see them, but It is not the same thing!
Work like their translated was amazing, I learn so much about their lifes and the U.S.!
I'm gonna miss them a lot!!
I would like can go to the U.S. wih them, but I have to study... and probatelly my family wouldn't like this.
Ok, you should thing that I'm crazy, ok... maybe a little, but California or Florida, doesn't matter... They left their mark in me, a little of their lifes will stay here in Rio with me, and I hope that they back there with a part of me too.
There the don't have somethins that we have here, like Brigadeiro, but after all, we are the same!
We are ordinary teenagers ou youngers, that go out with their friends, go to the movies, like to dance, listen music, we have almost the same thought.

Please, Come back soon and to the other come visit me, come know me and my friends!

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