segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2008

Para Rosielle!!!

Rosi, dá uma lida e vê se ficou bom e vê porque deve ter uns errinhos... tive que dá uma mudadinha em algumas coisas mas acho que tá bom.. e comenta falando que você já pegou, tá?
Beijos Taila

I know that it was God that gave me you, and I was so glad with his choise.
You know that person that you love, but not always you know how to show how big is this love, that person that argue with you and for you, just because she loves you unconditionally, that one that you consider the most important person in the whole world and if she needs she'll gave her life fou you, this person has a name and it is mother.
You are that fundamental person in my life. although I was not born yet, you talked to me and make me note that when I would born and come to this violent world, there would be someone that love me, protect me and take care of me in the better way ever.
Some time I complain and disagree with you decisions, but I'll never live without you, Because I'm already habituate with call: "momyy!!" many time a day, I'm already habituate a have a true friend that always suport me and always make me safe in my falls. I already adapted myself in have you as my mom, and I'm proud to say: "She is the best mother in the world!" and that I had a mom like you there is not price!
I love you so much!
From your little princess,

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Rosielle disse...

tá bom siiim :)
quero em português tbm rs